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Neocities Join the awesome community
Picasion Glitter and avatar effects
Gifcities So many 90s gifs
Blog-Switch Add some falling objects to your site
Wayback Machine Travel Back Thru Time
Javascript Heaven Cool mouse and text effects
Make Word Art Make some awesome word art

Gone But Not Forgotten

Megs Place Such 90s Vibe
Angels Kitchen Chock Full Of Recipes
Ginas Home She Loves Poems And Hearts
Listening Post Screams 90s Design Very Old Skool
Francis Homepage She Loves Virtual Pets
Chrissys Cute Corner Cute Cute Cute
Lucys Elmo Page She Sure Loves Her Elmo

Even More Links

Javascript Heaven
Free Comment Box
Cool Text
Cool Gitter Effects
Dancing Cats
Free Counters
90s Style Gifs
The End Of Internet
Flower Paint

Free Stuff
Sadgrl's 88x31 Button Maker
Sadgrl's Layout Builder
Free Guestbook
Magic 8 Ball
Good Morning
Dark Toasty
Glitter Graphics

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Happy Dancing Flowers is Vibing...
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